Dear Hunter Theatre formed in May 2016, Sheffield, in order to tell the ill-fated tale of The Iconoclasts. In the process, we left South Yorkshire to perform around the country and finally concluded our story in Edinurgh this summer.


A year later, back home in Steel City, we're redoubling our efforts to make fast-paced, entertaining and thought-provoking theatre that packs a punch; starting with Club Bazaar ! Look out for us in 2018 when we'll be reviving our two original shows, while developing plenty of new work.


We are excited to hear from anybody with an idea to develop, a desire to perform, or any creative energy to give whatsoever, particularly those whose voice is underrepresented in theatre.

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If you know who you want, feel free to send a direct message or, if you're unsure, pop your name, e-mail address and question below and we'll make sure the right person gets back to you.

Past & Upcoming Productions

Production Winter 2017: Club Bazaar


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DINA Venue +

Dear Hunter, Theatre

introduce a new fringe theatre space:


we are really excited to be opening a new fringe rehearsal and performance space in sheffield - the cellar at dina


please follow our progress on the cellar's own website(!), ready for our launch in spring

the cellar at dina

32A - 34A cambridge street


s1 4qw

see you soon!

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In a barren future, the little resources left in the world are forbidden to be used for art.


All materials are recycled for industry, and the practise of performance, music, and theatre are illegal. But Finnegan and Co. won’t let anyone stop them. In an underground cellar late at night, the troupe play music, tell stories, mime, dance and entertain anyone who will put themselves in great danger just to hear a bedtime story.


Our second project, Club Bazaar, welcomed award winning writer Miriam Schecter to our team and ran twice an evening at DINA venue, Sheffield (Cambridge Street). 26th - 29th November. 2017.

Production Summer 2017: The Iconoclasts

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Following the death of their beloved sister, Estelle, a controversial family of Northern Irish celebs resolves to let by gones be by gones and throw a show-biz spectacular in her honour.


Joining The Iconoclast family on tour, audiences were dazzled by a variety show of music, magic, poetry, dance, drag and comedy, with a fully original score. Sounds great, doesn't it? But the past just always has that way of turning up announced.


After a Sheffield debut, The Iconoclasts was selected for the National Student Drama Festival, before embarking on a UK tour, and month-long run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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