Katie Seeley

Pippa Atkinson

Emily Compton

Ben Price

Miriam Schechter



Tom Williams

Stan Skinny

Nora Murphy



Emily Compton

Olivia Shotton

Will Shaw



Ellie Pickersgill

Luke Cornwell

Kane Lawrence

Fiona Baptiste




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Would you die for the sake of something to live for?

Production Team

Production Manager


Composer/Musical DIrector










Prepared Piano

De-truned Violin

Salted Snare


Technical Team

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Lighting Designer

Costume designer

Dear Hunter Theatre would like to thank DINA venue Sheffield and all of their staff - most notably Malcolm and Deborah, who have treated us with true kindness - for making this show possible. We have many friends, family and peers who have contributed a great deal to this project in particular, and many more who support the company through thick and thin, here's to you all!

The University of Sheffield Alumni Foundation is delighted to provide sponsorship to Dear Hunter Theatre.

The Alumni Foundation exists to channel the donations of Sheffield alumni (former students), staff, and friends of the University, into projects involving current students. We would like to thank the University’s supporters for their generosity, which has made tremendous strides in enhancing the student experience.

More information about the Foundation can be found at: www.shef.ac.uk/alumni/foundation


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